Coast Riders Road Captain

So what is a Coast Riders Road Captain?

A Road Captain is a fellow club member who has volunteered to take a leadership role in ensuring that our club rides are well organized, safe, and hopefully fun for all. Coast Riders organize groups of three to five (3 – 5) riders, with each group having a Group Leader and a Tail Gunner. Leaders and Tail Gunners are all qualified Road Captains.

Road Captains are not only highly conversant with our Coast Riders group riding protocols: Icon of CR GroupRide Guidelines CR GroupRide Guidelines (435.7 KiB), they have also completed a Road Captain Training session which comprises instructor led training, a quiz, and a practical, on-road exercise.

At the start of each ride, the lead Road Captain will organize the participants into groups, and ensure that the Group Leaders and “Tail Gunners” all know the route/destination.  During the ride,  they will lead the ride in a careful safe manner.

Road Captains not only lead our rides, but also assume responsibility for ensuring that all riders follow the Club’s Group Ride Protocols. They will offer advice and assistance to other riders, especially those who are less experienced. So please, give them your attention, but – as always – “ride your own ride” within your your level of comfort and skill.  If, for any reason, you will be leaving the ride early, be sure to let a ride captain know so they don’t worry that you broke down or took a wrong turn.

Road Captains will always identify themselves clearly prior to the ride start, and groups are formed before getting on the bikes. This way,  there should be no confusion who you are following!

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