“Buns – Of – Steel” Competition

Every year we have a fun and friendly competition across the Coast Riders members to see who can log the most miles (kilometers actually – hey we are Canadian eh!).

It’s easy to participate:
At any time during the year just provide your: name, bike model, and the current odometer reading.   If your lucky enough to have more than one bike that’s no problem – just provide an odometer reading for each. Passengers are also welcome to participate – they just simply need to keep a log of their pillion time.

Every fall, on the day of the Motorcycle Toy Run we close off the competition.   If you come to the Toy Run, you can submit your closing odometer reading to the coordinator or one of the executive, or bring it with you to the next club meeting.

The winners receive a certificate and the un-bounded adoration of all members:

  • Rider with the Most Mileage,
  • Rider with the Most Mileage (female),
  • Passenger with the Most Mileage.

You also get your name placed on the much coveted “High Mileage Tire” and custody of the tire for the year – so you can impress all your friends.


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