Biker Bits Special – End of Season Party

We had a super time at the End of Season Party.  Great food and drink were enjoyed by everyone at the Burnaby Golf Club.

Dale presented the year review.

  • Chris was thanked for doing the ride calendar all season.  He did a super job of making sure we all had a wonderful variety of rides to choose from.  Don will be taking over the job next season.
  • David was thanked for the wonderful job he has done in arranging interesting speakers for us all season and for organizing the End of Season Party.

David also won the Slippery Banana award. 

Lester has accepted the position of Director for the club for the coming season.

Daryl has moved, so the Vice President of the club is up for election at the next club meeting which is the AGM on February 13, 2012.

Greg presented the Buns of Steel awards: 

Passengers :
Bonnie Billington 2,593kms
Lynn Brewer 7,605 kms

Women Riders:
Diane D’bois 4,998 kms
Donna Chesney 8,159 kms

Donna was presented with the much desired Pink Tire Award

Men Riders:
Greg Cooper 14,099 kms
David Miller 15,505 kms
Daryl Bergman 16,376 kms

Daryl was awarded the Buns of Steel Tire Award.

To see all of the mileages click here.

The Tacky Gift Exchange was as ever a great hit with lots of laughs.  The Motorcycle Santa with Born to be Wild sound track was a huge hit and was chosen and stolen many times.  I (Donna) was the final stop for the much desired Santa and enjoyed it all Christmas Season.

Lindsay did a great job again of the music.  He made sure there were dance songs for everyone to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone involved in the running and planning of the party!  The social events are very important to the development of our club’s camaraderie which contributes so much to the enjoyment of our riding together.

Here is a gallery of pictures – 2011 Annual Christmas Banquet
Many thanks to our own illustrious photographer Lester Lightstone for taking the great shots.

Please make sure you attend our next meeting which is on Feb. 13, 2012.  See you at the AGM!






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