Biker Bits – October 17, 2011

Dale opened the meeting to 24 attending and nine members riding.  There were 2 guests; Kevin who rides a V Star 650 and Debby who rides a 900 Vulcan (she has exceptional taste).

Lester brought a guest Glen Head.

There was no treasurer’s report as Laura was not attending however it was reported that there is $4,400 in our bank account.

The Bike Show was discussed and the dates for it are Thursday January 19 to January 22 2012.  Volunteers for the Coast Riders booth were requested and many have volunteered but we still need to cover some time slots; so if anyone wants to help and get a free ticket for the show please let Dale our illustrious President know.   Have a look to see the time slots still available: HERE.

Membership update:  there are 60 paid members and 13 new renewals for a total of 73 members.

Greg Cooper spoke about the new website he has designed. Thank you soooo much for all your work Greg!!(Just typing out this report was a huge pain.  I can’t imagine doing an entire website, especial one as great as the Coast Riders)
[Edit (Greg): Much credit is due to our VP Daryl who pushed for this and did the initial setup and migration from the old static web site to our new shinny WordPress site]

Some highlights of the website are:

  • Interactive calendar
  • Ride calendar
  • Articles that can be posted by members
  • Notices
  • Forum (for members and non-members who sign up)

The Spelling Bee needs a co-coordinator.  The Spelling Bee is a challenge to members and has two aspects. To achieve a spelling Bee pin you can start a ride beyond Hope or Whistler and first pin requires: spelling Coast Riders in 2 provinces and second pin requires spelling coast riders in 2 states in theUSA.  Pictures of yourself must be submitted showing you in front of an official sign stating the name of the town that’s first letter forms the Coast Riders name. See the complete rules HERE

David spoke about the end of season party and as the fabulous organizer he has it all under control.  It will be held at the Eagle Creek Golf Club and the tickets are $30.00 for members and $40.00 for guests.  It is a fun time and great to see bikers dressed in their finery.  The date is November 26th for the party and David needs to give some numbers to the Golf Club by Nov.20 so please call him. More details are HERE

Reminder given that the AGM meeting is in January so please have your nominations ready.

Guest Speaker

Philip  Funnell  gave  a great  talk.  He  had  his  40  year old  revised/rennovated  BMW motorcycle, with monopod  behind it  that  he sleeps  in.  It  was  a  great  experience  to  look  at  it,  in  the  parking  lot.
He’s  known for  “adventure touring”  before it  became  more  common.  Cycle  Canada  has  featured  him  years  ago  in  their  magazine.  Philip has  crossesd  23  Border Crossings  in  11 months.  Yes,   it  was  a  talk  about  riding  in  the  Arctic.  He  rode  alone,  up  the  Dempster  Highway  and  over  ice  roads  up  to Tucktyacktuk  (sp?)
It  was  -43 oF  in Fort McPherson  he  said,  then  to Red River in the Arctic.   (His  18  flat  tires  in  South  America  was  one  of  his  stories).

He was a great guest speaker and instilled a curiosity about really challenging and unique motorcycle travel.

Many  thanks  to  Lester  Lightstone  for  asking  Philip  to  come  and  talk  to  us.

Some more detail can be found HERE

Ride reports

Report onHarrisonride on Sunday was given by Chris Smith. A large turn out for this ride and it was enjoyed by all.

The 31st   Annual Toy Ride was attended by thousands of motorcycles with approximately 9 Coast Riders motorcycles riding together.  It was a beautiful day and the ride was very smooth.  It was well organized and the police and volunteers along the way did a great job of clearing the way for the  participants.  The ride ended as always at the PNE buildings and each gift of an unwrapped toy was met with a pin commemorating the ride. Afterwards eight of us went to the Slocan Diner for brunch.  We enjoyed our time together and the food was good too.

Greg gave a near miss ride report that happened on his way to work.  It was a reminder to keep your brake hand ready and your rear brake on alert.  People making left hand turns are not watching for motorcycles.

David Miller also sent me a very detailed account of his latest trip.  Read all about it here: From Here To Eternity Almost.

Well that’s it for October I have just about torn all my hair out using Brian’s minnie me computer and I guess I have Dale to thank for all the chocolate I ate during this dialogue.

– Donna (

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  1. I truly enjoy reading your newsletters. I am hopeful that one day I can purchase a bike to ride. Thank you for sharing!

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