Biker Bits – November 17, 2011

Hello Coastriders!  Welcome to the holiday season.  I wish you all a happy and peaceful season.  This issue of Biker Bits is short and easy to read so I hope you get some good information from it.  Here is to a wonderful end of season.

Here are the notes from the November meeting courtesy of Chris Smith:

A small but select group of nine (9) Coast Riders met at the monthly club meeting in November… and four of them rode! Al Biehl, Daniel D’Bos, Greg Cooper, and Jamie Sloka enjoyed the clear November air, Jamie on his new (to him) fully loaded Harley. Chris Smith, Dianne D’Bos, David Miller, Diana Guinn, and Bill Chadwick were the embarrassed cagers.

David Miller collected payment for several “End of Year Banquet” tickets. There will be an email sent to the Club shortly as a reminder of the event and details of the agenda.

Chris is meeting with Don Hecker to pass over the reins for the Ride Calendar. Several ride ideas were generated by the select group present. Destination rides seemed to be preferable to just going somewhere for lunch. Destinations such as the SunshineCoast ride and hike, Othello Tunnels, and Hare Krishna Festival were suggested. River Rafting seem a popular idea, either on the Thompson or Squamish. There seems to be interest in aVancouver Island ride, and in longer, overnight rides that will take us away from the familiar roads of the FraserValley.

As ever, all members are urged to suggest rides. To set up a ride is not difficult.

  •  Select a destination or route
  •  Identify rest/gas stops (gas every 150 km)
  •  Plan to eat
  •  Find accommodations (motel and/or campsite) if overnight
  •  Determine a starting point and time
  •  Notify Don Hecker ( ), who will put your ride on the calendar
  •  You do not have to lead the ride, though it’s nice if you are a Road Captain and can do so.
  •  Have copies of the route, at least for Group Leaders and Tail-gunners, if not for everyone.

There was some discussion about Club membership and participation. It was agreed that the Motorcycle Show and the Web Site are major contributors to getting the Club known. We should do a better job of distributing Club brochures. Efforts should be made to promote Coast Riders through motorcycle dealers and riding schools. Members should keep brochures and Club business cards handy to hand out to anyone expressing interest in the Club. These will be made available at Club meetings.

It seems clear that guest speakers generate better attendance at the monthly meetings. David Miller and Daryl Bergman have done a good job of finding some interesting speakers. Once again, all members are urged to help with ideas for future guests.

Perhaps we should make a concerted effort to recruit new riders through the riding schools. As we get better at organizing riders into groups on our rides, this should not negatively impact the more experienced riders. Many of our members were neophytes when they first joined the Club, and have honed their riding skills by riding with the Club.

Daniel is going to set up a Twitter account to see whether this social media can garner interest in the Club. Certainly, our Facebook page has been helpful in promoting the Club.

The call for nominations for the Executive went out. Dianne and Diana nominated and seconded Dale Brewer for President, and he has indicated his willingness to serve a second term, along with Secretary Lynne.

Our current Vice President, Daryl Bergman, has moved to Alberta. David nominated Greg, who declined as he may be moving away from the Lower Mainland.

Laura Collison has indicated that she is willing to continue as Treasurer, if nobody else will take on the duties.

Elections will be held at the AGM in January. Nominations can be made at any time prior to the election. Look in the mirror, and look around you for someone who would like to add another prestigious entry on their resume.

Meeting adjourned around8:30 pm to go and look at Jamie’s new ride.


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