Biker Bits February 13, 2012

Who Rode?

9 people rode tonight. In attendance were 35 including some new members & guests.

Graham and Carol who ride a Honda VTX and Honda  shadow respectively

Jim who rides a Honda Shadow

Helmut who rides a Yamaha 900

Ongoing Business


Year end balance is $3494.00

There will be 2012 budget Insurance for the Executive.

Deemed that the cost of future social events will have to be covered by attendees themselves.

Dale moved to accept the …. Seconded by Don Hughes


AGM – presided by Chris Smith

Dale Breweragreed to stand again for Club President

Lester nominated, and accepted as Club Vice President

Janie Toth nominated, and accepted as Club Treasurer

Lynne Brewer agreed to stand again for Club Secretary

Coast Riders Summer rally July 26-29 (one week later than last year)

10 rooms booked in Enderby at the Howard Johnson Motel. Members are

urged to call the Howard Johnson to reserve a room. More rooms will be made available if necessary. The Riverside Campsite is nearby for tenters.

Don Hecker to help with ride setup.

4 people needed to help man the Poker Run.


Misc Jan ~ Feb Ride reports

Greg Cooper… Mostly riding daily to and from work.

Dale Brewer… Rode Tsawwassen & White Rock

Chris Smith… Steveston,Burnaby, etc

Don Hughes … Short runs on sunny days.

David Miller leaving very soon for Mexico & Central America.

Donald Cook … 60,000 km trip thru theU.S.tenting all the way!

Brian Chesney… Ride out toHorseshoeBay.

Daniel D’Bos … Brakendale Eagle count


Twitter site

Follow Dan’s tweets!/CoastRidersDan

Ride Calendar

Don Hecker is 95% finished

Still lots of sunday slots open (no scheduled rides)

Skills day still be set up.


Canada Day Flag Day Ride

Ride Leader still needed.


Greg Cooper went thru a lengthy description of the website & forum site.

He requested that everyone should try and use the forum page.

Greg is seeking an associate to assist him with the website.



Thanks to ALL involved with the show! 28 Volunteers

Peter Larsen described the delayed hard setup this year due to the snow storm.

Donna Chesneywon the grand prize at Ladies Night!

Email received regarding whether CanAm Spyders should be allowed in our club. They are considered another form of “trike”. It was decided that Spyders WILL be allowed in the club.

(Greg Cooper) Upcoming information rally/meeting invancouverre motorcycle parking May 5th.

Some discussion re certain HOV lanes and MCs. Some new “bus only” lanes do not allow MCs. Why?

“Biker Bits” story ideas??? Please sendDonna Chesney!

Safety chats, guest speakers .. Any ideas?

Meeting adjourned.

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