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 Coast Riders meeting April 16th

Dale opened the meeting.  Out of about 20 attending there were 9 people who rode to the meeting.  Three first timers were introduced, Paul, he rides a 650 GS BMW and Bob and Barb who ride two up on a Strataliner.

New Business: Janie Toth has taken over for Laura as Treasurer.  Janie gave her report which included the facts there are 25 club member renewals and 6 new members so far that are signed up and paid.  There is $700.00 in revenue from memberships.

Saturday there will be a tune-up at Peter Larsen’s Auto Service from 10-1pm and from there there may be a ride.

Ride Reports:

Jamie rode to Hope for pie.  Yummmm

Brian and Donna rode to Copalis Beach on the Washington Coast last weekend.

Chris attended an Easter scavenger hunt with 11 motorcycles to Harrison on Sunday.

Seven motorcycles rode to LaConner for the tulips on April 15.

Dale rode to Victoria on the Easter weekend.

Dave told a fabulous story of riding to the border of Guatemala on his KLR and back in 7 weeks.  There will be a future slide show and presentation.  Highlights were the Copper Canyon in Mexico.  Better than the Grande Canyon!  Navigating the Topas (speed bumps in Mexico)  4 days in Montery with Diane.  He communicated by Skype covered 9500 miles.  We look forward to the full presentation.


BCCom Motorcycle awareness and MLA ride  meet at Tsawassen 9am May 3.

New rules:  helmets must meet safety standards.

Lane shareing is still being discussed.


Megson Fitzpatrick Insurance has touring packages for $75.00.

May12 &13 Kelowna Ladies get away ride.

Classic & Vintage Tsawassen show and Shine on April 28.

We need more Ride Captains!  Please contact Chris if you are interested and he will set up a training day.  We only have 8 left and we need Captains for club rides.  The training is not difficult and is not a huge time commitment.

We need waivers signed on every club ride.  It is just a matter of signing a list.

Lester’s Corner:  Featured Lester and a very interesting article on “Why do we ride?”  A very poetic piece on the joy of riding.  Thank you Lester Amusing and informative.

Another article on ATGAT was presented re. “all the gear all the time”.  A very good story on wearing proper gear riding and the forgotten aspect of how it relaxes loved ones who don’t ride to know we are doing everything possible to ride safely.  A point often missed as we run to our motorcycles.

Dennis Stooper related a story about a 72 year old male rider run down by a drunk driver. His head was run over by the car and credits a full faced helmet with saving his life.

Thus ended the meeting.

Brian and Donna (that’s me) will be heading to Palm Dessert May 7 for a 3 week motorcycle trip.  See you when we get back from our adventure.

Safe and fun riding everybody!

Scavenger Hunt for ALL

 With Coast Riders hailing from as far away as Alberta and Victoria, here is something that can involve ALL members. Since we are heading into riding season, and we’re all looking for any excuse to ride, let’s have fun while we’re at it!!

Here’s what it’s all about. A TARGET is set. Ride to the target, take a picture of you, your bike, and the target. Post your picture in the Forum. Set the next TARGET! Simple… no prize, just GLORY!

You will find the thread here: Scavenger hunt

Here are the simple and basic SCAVENGER HUNT rules…

  • The person who scores first on the target gets to set the next target.
  • Targets must be fairly generic so that anyone can hit them with a little effort. Nothing specific like the Lion’s Gate Bridge. That would be tough for members in Alberta or elsewhere outside the Lower Mainland. A more suitable target would be – you, your bike, and a bridge across a river or stream.
  • Nothing dangerous or illegal.
  • No old pictures. You must seek out the target after it’s announced, not use a picture you already have.
  • No Photo-Shopping.
  • Target pictures must include you and your bike in some way.

Check the Forum to see what the latest / current target is.

Good Luck, have fun, and be creative!

For sale

Roy has a Virago for sale:  See info HERE

Another member has a Trike for sale.  Details are HERE



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