Biker Bits – May

CR Monthly club meeting on May 14, 2012.

Notes by Lynn Brewer.

-5 didn’t ride  m/cycles to this meeting and a total of 28 people attended this meeting.

-Ray Brookes  rides a Honda VTX 1300 and he visited our Booth  at  the 2012 Vanc. M/cycle Show at Tradex.  He filled out a CR membership form and paid for membership at this meeting.

-John (last name?) was also a visitor + he rides a BMW  F800.

-5 new memberships have been rec’d since our last Club monthly meeting.

-Janie Toth, our new Treasurer was away, so there was no Treas. Report; but she told us before she departed that no big expenditures have occurred in the last month.

-Apr. 28th M/cycle Tune-up  at  Larsen Auto Service  1441 Rupert St., N. Vanc.  5 oil changes were done.

-Apr. 29th Rider Spring Skills Tune-up; training done by Niel Floyd (ex-Coast Rider)  10 Coast Riders participated and everyone did a few hours of cone/skills riding.

Who  Rode  Where  Recently?

-last week Doug Billington did the Darrington Loop  in  Wash, USA.  It was a 430 km day.  Hwy 9 to Sedro Wooley to Darrington and back to the West  to Arlington, etc.

-Daniel D’Bos rode to Osoyoos and back in one day.

-Jamie Sloka advised us to not go around traffic circles with your feet off the foot pegs or the floor boards. When going around a traffic circle,  one of his feet got caught under a floor board which resulted in a sprained ankle.

-Barb and Ron recently rode to Whistler and back.

-Pres. Dale Brewer  rode past Whistler to Pemberton (for fuel + a longer ride) and back the same day.

-Chris Smith and 12 other CR’s rode out thru to Rosedale, up and over the Chilliwack Mtn. Rd and back.

-Chris Smith did the Mother’s Day Ride (Sun. May 13th) with 13 CR’s.  Up to the local ski hill mountains, then out to Horseshoe Bay.    Only 3 riders needed to come back early for Mom, so the rest went up to Squamish.

-LaConner tulip ride was on Sun. Apr. 15th (I didn’t hear  how many did that one)

-Lester Lightstone will do the Fraser Valley Back Roads Ride on Sun. May 27th.

-the  Othello Tunnels ride is on Sun. June 3rd.

-June 9th + 10th is the Vanc. Island Ride.  At this meeting,  3  people showed interest for it.  (Recently we rec’d an E:Mail from Greg Cooper saying that he’ll join it  at the Swartz Bay BCF Terminal  on Vanc. Island.

Please make your own overnight accomodation reservations.  The Super 8 Motel in Duncan.

-Sat. June 16th (the day before Father’s Day) is the Lower Mainland Scavenger Hunt Ride.  Chris Smith  leads  it.

Chris  Smith + Group Riding:

He asked us:  What do you like about group riding?

-Barb C. said better visibility; people see you better.

-Roger H. said the person leading the group usually knows where they are going.

-other members said you meet friends; you feel safer in a group; staggered and the spacing helps if someone in your group goes down. Usually no one else goes down and to keep that tight group, one or two seconds apart.

He asked us:  What don’t you like about group riding?

-lack of freedom and are obliged to follow.

-you can speak to the Ride Captain and get in another group if you don’t like the one you are riding in  eg. the pace of it.  OR  if you want to go faster and go ahead of the group, you can meet the group at the next stopping spot/place.  But be sure to tell them/your group’s Road Captain.

-don’t like group riding when there are people in your group, riding in your track or in your lane + not riding in a staggered formation.

Bill Chadwick and Al Biehl are interested in taking the Road Captain training. Chris Smith is doing it soon.  (I think he set the date after this meeting)

Chris S. mentioned at the meeting to put in the Biker Bits  that in our Website + thru FaceBook, there is an ongoing Scavenger Hunt  for local members, for Vanc. Island members and for Alberta members, etc.  Targets are set.  For one month the Target had been a  “Red Barn”.  On the Venture M/cycle site, they do 2 new Targets every week.

BC New Helmet Law – Effective June 01, 2012.

-Daryl Brown, Motorcycle Lawyer, CR member, gave a short presentation on the new helmet law in B.C.

-in 1986 the BC Beanie came into effect.

-effective June 01, 2012 riders + passengers must wear a DOT approved helmet or a Snell approved helmet.  (A Snell approval  sticker is hidden inside; can even be under the lining)

-if the Policeman, Policewoman or RCMP Officer ask you to take off your helmet to show it to him/her, you must do that.

-he mentioned about a practising Sikh wearing an approved turban that is 5 metres long + the police or RCMP can unwrap it + check.

-all passengers must reach the side pedals or floor boards.  (eg. younger children)

-riders must be sitting in their seats, not standing up.

-the inner lining of the fibreglass in your helmet is what protects you; its not the fibreglass.

-with this new BC Law, there will be a new bigger license plate for m/cycles.  An “N” for it will be issued to new drivers.

-a Snell helmet must be replaced every 5 yrs.  They change the (safety?) spec’s on them every 5 years.

Pres. Dale B. thanked Daryl Brown for his presentation.

-some Coast Riders participated in the May 5th Vanc. Motorcycle/Scooter Parking Rally.  Remember that you get 1/2 price for a parking meter when you phone in to use one with your Cell phone and you’ve registered your license plate.

Annual Summer Rally in Enderby:

-Don Hecker + Christine and Dale + Lynne Brewer are going up to Enderby to drive the Poker Run and the Treasure Hunt Ride that they’ve written/organized to check out the various roads.  The Fri. night BBQ at the Riverside Campground is confirmed and so is the Sat. night Banquet at the Howard Johnson Hotel.

-Nicole Bienvenu  has taken some photos of Coast Riders riding for our Website.  Lester L. has also.

2012 Summer Rally Tee-Shirt Design:

-Pres. Dale B. showed (held up) 2 possible designs for the tee-shirt.  He passed a paper copy of each design around the room, for everyone to see.   One was designed by Colin Campbell’s  son and one was designed by David Miller.  We  voted on them.  David Miller’s  design was chosen, by majority.  Many thanks to Colin’s son for making a tee-shirt design.

-most people said they would like a grey tee-shirt with 1 or 2 colours.

“Lester’s Corner”

-as Lester Lightstone was working out of town, he sent 2 articles to Pres. Dale B. to read.  Spring & riding season is here! But before you hop on your bike and put on your helmet, take a few minutes to review your safety checklist. By taking the time to inspect your bike for any potential hazards, you can ensure your safety and protect others on the road.Read Your Owner’s Manual: While it may not be the most exciting reading material, knowing the ins and outs of your motorcycle will be helpful in understanding any problems that may arise during a ride.

  • Tires: Check the surface of your tires for cuts, foreign objects, and low tread levels. Also, monitor the pressure in your tires because it can affect the way your bike handles.
  • Fluids: Check your oil, fuel, and coolant levels to prevent your engine from giving out during the middle of your ride. You can look in your owner’s manual to find your bike’s specific fluid requirements.
  • Lights: Test all of your lights, including your headlights, brake lights, turn signals, four-way flashers, even the indicators on your dash. Whether you’re riding during the day or at night, lights make you & your bike more visible to other motorists.
  • Brakes: Test your front and rear brakes one at a time to ensure they work properly. Without a properly functioning brake system, you will not be able to bring your motorcycle to a complete stop.
  • Horn: Check your horn. It’s very important that you have a tool to alert other drivers of your presence, especially if you’re in their blind spot while they’re changing lanes.
  • Mirrors: Adjust your mirrors so that you are able to see the lane behind you as well as the lane next to you. While you may not be able to rely on other motorists to pay attention to their surroundings, you can use your mirrors to keep track of THEM to ensure your own safety.
  • Helmet and Gear: Don’t let your motorcycle safety checklist end with your bike. Make sure your helmet is approved by the D.O.T., is free of cracks and damage, and fits snugly on your head. Also, your riding gear should never interfere with any instruments on your bike. Make sure everything fits properly and there are no loose ends that could get caught somewhere on your bike.

Motorcycle accidents can have devastating results, but you can make sure your bike is prepared for the riding season with routine maintenance and safety inspections. If you have problems with ANY of the items listed on our safety checklist, fix them BEFORE you set out for your ride so you don’t risk harming yourself or anyone else on the road.The author is Michael Rosenzweig, a lawyer with over 20 years of experience helping bikers injured in motorcycle accidents

The Road Often Traveled: Forever Young

Mar 18, 2012  Bud Miller

Motorcycles keep me forever young, and I’m sure they do for you too. They are the toys we get to keep as we get older, objects of fascination, and something to tinker with and enjoy. They are a pursuit that lets us go places where the news of the day and troubles of daily life can’t find us – where we can be young again.On a recent vacation I was swimming while my girlfriend Cori was sitting poolside with our friend Debbie. Debbie said, “There’s something about pools that make men act like little boys.” I replied with a smile as I backstroked away, “yep, pools and motorcycles”.I don’t know about you, but there are few things in life that puts a smile on my face the way prepping for a ride and riding itself does. I have a back condition and knees devoid of cartilage after years of distance running – one of the many things life hits you with as you age. But riding eases those things, and my mind is free to wander ­– and there’s plenty of youth hidden there. When I’m prepping to ride, the air seems fresher, the coffee tastes better, and I feel alive and young. I’ve gotten a lot from riding. I’ve ridden away from pain and into a world full of possibilities. On a 1200-mile ride in 2010, my life was changed. I got the idea that I might like to write, and to start a group for other riders like myself. I did both and that eventually led me to Cori, and we’ve been partners ever since, in life and in a new business venture. You would like Cori, she is a friend to everyone and a conduit for all the good there is in the universe. When you’re in a room with her you have a friend there. Were it not for motorcycling I wouldn’t be in the position I find myself in today, which is one of endless possibilities. One simple, youthful decision to do something that many people told me was a bit nutty has changed the direction of my life. (“Bud, 600 miles in a day – isn’t that a bit far?” “Not sure, we’ll see.”)Sometimes the mere act of starting out with a youthful open mind leads to great things that can be done at any age.  I’m not sure what the future holds, but I know three things:

  1. 1.   Cori will be there with me.
  2. 2.   We’ll get there on a motorcycle.
  3. 3.

 And 3 ….  we’ll keep getting younger as we go. 

This meeting ended  at  8:42  pm.

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