Kootenay Ride

imageimageThe 6 of us lead by (I won’t mention Als name) had a great four day ride into the Kootenay’s leaving Coquitlam about 8am Friday May 20. Five riders and as it turned out we also had a cager come along and help us with some of our gear. (I won’t mention Erikas name) The weather looked like we would be in rain so most dressed for it. The lighter skys were in the direction we were heading and as we forged on the roads dried and the clouds parted. We rode 7 Hyw. to Hope and we were happy to see the skys clearing even more as we stopped briefly for coffee. Unfortunately we also discovered one of the riders (I won’t mention Annie’s name) lost her licence plate. Along the way to Hope two had stopped (I won’t mention Sandra or Daves name) as they saw the plate fall off. The one (I’m not saying it was Dave) retrieving it only saw the plate frame and assumed that was all that fell. By the time we had all reached Hope it was evident the plate got left behind. We found an insurance dealer, did some paper work, one went to find bolts for the new plate and we were off again. Heading through Manning park was a great ride, through Princeton and on to Keremeos where the sun was out and we had a fantastic lunch at a small diner. From there we continued on to Osoyoos with clear and sun filled skys and awesome views from the Crowsnest highway overlooking the valley. We arrived in Grand Forks early evening and after finding a box of brewskis and having a few refreshments right at rivers side next to our motel, we all went for a great dinner at a nearby restaurant. The next day we found the weather cloudy by still no rain and happily headed out riding through beautiful country, through Castlegar and Nelson and stopped in Balfour at a cottage park on the river owned by a friend of one of our group. (I won’t mention Annie’s name). There we were treated to a grand lunch around a camp fire and were served, pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, salmon pate, salad and to top it off cakes and candy. After leaving there we headed north on 3A riding a beautiful stretch of rode that follows Kootenay Lake. At Ainsworth a few stopped at the hot springs to wallow in the pools there. Myself and another rider (I won’t mention Brian or Daves name) carried on to Kaslo and then continued west to New Denver. The road from Kaslo to New Denver if caught on a dry, sunny day is in my opinion one of the best riding roads anywhere. We were elated to find virtually no traffic on this stretch, the road was dry, the sun was popping out from white clouds the mountains soared up from the road as we swept past turn after turn after turn following a rushing river cutting through the valley. We stopped part way at Fish lake and the both of us just looked at each other and said Wow! We continued to our motel in Nakusp, dropped our gear and headed to the old town hotel situated on the waters edge of Upper Arrow Lake. Sitting on the balcony looking at the view, sipping a cold beverage with a friend was next to the best thing you could ever do. Not long after, the rest of the crew found us out on the balcony and we savoured the good food, laughs and camaraderie. The next morning our luck ran out as far as the rain was concerned so everyone donned rain gear and it continued to rain from Nakusp to the ferry at Fauquier. As we rode through the rain to Vernon we had smiles on our faces because we were on our bikes and we were on a great road and we were having fun. We dried off at our Vernon motel and went to a sports bar for a hockey infusion and some fine food. After a good nights rest the next days weather was promising. No rain, scattering cloud and a bright spot on the horizon in the direction we were heading. A stop for breakfast after a forty minute ride out of Vernon and we headed north west through Kamloops and west to Hwy. 1. Through Cache Creek, Spences Bridge and Lytton the weather was dry, a great day for riding. We stopped in Boston Bar for Chinese food of a degree we were not all sure of but had a lot of laughs. As I drove the rest of the way home I thought of all the great moments we all experienced on this trip and I’m sure I speak for every one, that these moment we will cherish and remember when we are all too old to ride.

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