2014 Vancouver Motorcycle Show

The 2014 Vancouver Motorcycle Show is coming up soon!

January 24 to January 26th

We need volunteers to greet people coming past our booth.

The duty is very easy – just say hello to people, hand out pamphlets and answer the odd question.   And for that you get free admission to the show!   Now where you going to get a deal like that.

There are still a number of time slots available – email… donhecker@telus.net to reserve your spot

Just reply below in the “Leave a Reply”  box with your choice of day/time.

Set – Up  Committee:     Lynne  Brewer, Don Hecker & Jamie Sloka
FRIDAY  January  24, 2014     (The Show runs from 3 pm till 9 pm)
3 pm  –  6pm  Helmut Klughammer  & Don Hecker
6 pm  –   9pm    Lester Lightstone  & Erika Couch
SATURDAY   January  25, 2014     (The Show runs from 10 am till 9 pm)
10 am   -12pm  Uffe & Kirsten Nielsen   .
12pm-3pm  Brian Funk & Richard Plaster
3 pm  – 6pm Annie Allard & Bill Chadwick
6 pm  – 9pm Greg Cooper & Bethany Brooks
SUNDAY   January 26, 2014      (The Show runs from 10 am till 5 pm)
10 am  –  12am     Al Biehl  &    Gerry Rego
12pm-3pm Bill Chadwick & Helmut Klughammer
3 pm  –  5 pm Dale Brewer & Jamie Sloka

Take  Down  Committee:       er  Dale Brewer, Jamie Sloka


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