2012 End-of-Season Party

Book Your Tickets for the 2012 End-of-Season Party

Eagle Creek Restaurant, Burnaby Mountain
Saturday, November 24th
Cocktails 6:00 pm
Dinner 7:30 pm
Member: $35.00  Guest: $40.00

 Wine is provided by the Club.

Please let Chris Smith know NOW how many tickets you want, and your menu choice. (panjandrum@telus.net or 604 466 1230). Payment can be made at the November Club Meeting or at the door.


If you have not already done so, it is not too late to email your mileage for the “Buns-of-Steel” competition to Chris Smith (panjandrum@telus.net). The competition begins and ends with the Vancouver Toy Run. So, even if you had a low mileage year in 2012 or if you are a new member, send in your mileage NOW to be eligible for the 2013 awards.

If you have completed any of the versions of the Spelling Bee, send your documents (and pictures) to Leslie Greening (lesliegreening2010@gmail.com).

Nominations are still being accepted for the Slippery Banana. Let the Club know of anyone who had some sort of narrow escape or did something really stupid in the 2012 riding season. (brewerdalef@hotmail.com)

Tacky Gift Exchange:

Get rid of that awful gift that Auntie Flo gave you years ago, and you never knew what to do with. Or buy something you would never want to receive for $10 to $15. Wrap it, and be prepared to take home something equally “Tacky” yourself. Remember, the key word is “TACKY”. If you would give it house room, it’s not tacky!

Children’s Bureau Toy Donation

For anyone who did not make it to a Toy Run, bring an Unwrapped Toy (preferably not a stuffed toy) for a less fortunate child. The toys will be donated to the Children’s Bureau.


Enjoy the fellowship of your fellow Coast Riders.

See how nicely many of us clean up!

Dance with your honey or someone else’s honey.

Closing date for tickets, Club Meeting on Monday Nov 12.

The End-of-Season Party is a cornerstone event for your Motorcycle Club. This is an opportunity to sit down and get to know your fellow members, to talk about the rides you took in 2012. To discuss ride ideas for 2013. To find out about moves, grand-children, vacations, and deep dark secrets of others who share your passion for the sport of motorcycling. Club Members who do not attend are sadly missed. Feel free to bring a guest or two!


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