About Coast Riders

The Coast Riders Motorcycle Club of British Columbia is an independent motorcycle club based in the Vancouver, BC area.

The Coast Riders began as the Greater Vancouver Chapter of Virago Owners Club in February 1992. We established our pattern of group rides, regular monthly meetings (more social than business), and social events such as summer barbecues.

By spring of 1995, our membership was over 50 and we were one of the largest VOC chapters in North America. At that point we adopted the name of “Coast Riders” for our chapter to give ourselves a distinct identity.

In 1995 the Coast Riders hosted the first Pacific North-West Regional Rally at Manning Park Resort in Southern BC. It was a huge success with 65 riders and passengers from all over Western Canada and the United States attending the weekend event.

A tradition had begun, and subsequent rallies have been held in Merritt, Princeton, Oliver, Winthrop WA, Enderby, and Christina Lake BC, the latest one in Cache Creek 2016. Our summer rally is an opportunity to explore new roads, and swim, eat and drink with friends old and new. Visit the Rally page for information on the next summer rally.

Yamaha discontinued production of the Virago in 1999 (with the exception of the 250). Since then, many of our Virago owners have moved to different bikes. The Coast Riders has always been an open club, welcoming all riders on all bikes.

In 2003, we realized that only about 50% of our members rode a Virago. The Coast Riders felt that we had the infrastructure in place to operate as an independent club. Therefore, on January 1, 2004 we dropped our affiliation with the VOC and are now registered as the Coast Riders Motorcycle Club.

The Coast Riders today is still primarily a cruiser style club, with a few touring bikes and sport bikes thrown in. We welcome all makes and models. We are primarily a “Riding” club, with several of our members riding many kilometers each year.

Through April to October, there are regular Sunday group rides, occasional dinner or coffee rides, day trips to special events, longer day rides of several hundred kilometers, weekend overnight trips, and tours lasting several days and thousands of kilometers. Who knows what adventures you will have!

The highlight of each riding season is our annual four-day rally in July. This is a time of gathering of members to one specific area of BC and there we have daily rides, barbeques, swimming and good times!

Coast Riders provide support to new riders, share technical advice, and regularly discuss riding techniques and motorcycle safety.

Watch a seven minute video:
Coast Riders On The Loose

Another great video documenting our Vancouver Island Ride from May 2017:
Vancouver Island Ride

We have now transitioned to our Meetup site. Please go there for more information.

Coast Riders discuss rides and motorcycle stuff on Facebook: facebook.com/CoastRidersMC