Website Updates

The website will be updated over the weekend with some new images and a new WordPress theme. A few things will move around a little, but everything will still be here. Your patience during any changes is appreciated, and please pass on your thoughts to Daryl at the meeting on Tuesday.

Some of the images may not be correctly sized and may not have the Coast Riders text across in Brush Script yet, but I’m working on it. Hopefully I can get WordPress to do it automatically and adding new banner pics with our logo atop will be a snap.

Anyone interested in helping with the website is welcome. The best candidates are those that know nothing. Only one person who has had much to do with this site actually knows anything, and it’s not me! If you need proof, stay tuned to this site until Tuesday and watch me fumble with updates.  At one point you hadn’t ever pulled a clutch lever before. Look how good you are now! We’re looking for members posting live from rides with a smart phone. With the app it’s easy and I’d be happy to get you set up at a club meeting.


I can’t type 55! (wpm)

2016 Ride Calendar – Where do YOU want to go?

Don H is hard at work on the ride calendar for the upcoming riding season and has a question for the club.

In the past two years we have had a multi- day trips in June down to Washington State and Oregon which turned out great.   This year, I have asked several people to plan a new trip and am wondering if we want to rethink going down there this year as the Canadian dollar is bad now and going to get worse in the summer.  Should we forget it and spend the summer around BC?

What say you, good Coast Riders? You can comment on this post, on the Facebook page, or, BEST YET, contact Don and volunteer to lead one of our calendar rides!